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We produce tech-driven bookable Micro-Offices complete with all the tools you need to work, rest or catch up on calls. Whether it’s somewhere quiet to get everything done, privacy for a sensitive call, or you just need to sit down and breathe, we all need a bit of space sometimes. The world of work has changed and we’re responding.

How it works

The features

The desk levers down from the wall with one angled edge to make it easy for you to get in and out. You can store your bag in the compartment under the seat, and there’s another seat that folds down from the wall for a friend or a colleague to use if you’ve got visitors.

There’s a camera and microphone integrated in the wall opposite your seat at the perfect distance and angle for you to comfortably chat with colleagues and friends, or record the next episode of your vlog or podcast.

Need a second screen? We’ve got you covered. Discreetly mounted into the wall behind the worktable, the Hi Definition LCD screen is perfect to cast your extra spreadsheets, favourite videos, or to use as a tunable light source.

Wireless charging, USB ports and 240-volt sockets – our pod covers all your charging needs for every smartphone and a range of other devices including watches and airpods.

You can control both the lighting and temperature of the pod via the app, even setting it before you arrive and adjusting it as you need throughout the day.

Our pod unlocks via the app on your phone as you get close. Lock it again anytime during your booking so you can step out for lunch knowing your spot is secure.

Project your screen onto the pod’s walls and tinted glass door so you can see everyone in your team meeting, or flick through calming imagery from your latest holiday.

Needless to say, all of our pods are equipped with the fastest, most reliable internet.

UV lights disinfect our pods throughout the day between uses, and the ventilation system filters air multiple times an hour, so you can settle in knowing the space is fresh and clean.

We’re keenly working out how to solar power our pods. We’re not quite there yet but we’re thinking ahead, so we’ve designed them with space to fit eco-friendly battery packs to support solar charging further down the line.

The pods arrive flat packed, the most eco-friendly method of distribution. We come straight to your location and set it up for you typically within 24 hours.

Design Details

The skeleton of the Micro-Office is made up of low-carbon mild steel tubing, manually welded by local trade experts in London.

Wall panels are manufactured using FSC certified wood, and are lined with an acoustic antimicrobial material.

Our Micro-Office’s finishes are all customizable from a range of water-based options for the exterior and sustainably manufactured fabrics for the interiors.

Next steps

In the near future, the Micro-Offices will also be available for corporate and private offices, as well as homes and gardens.

Work Pod


With continued needs for flexible working, real offices need to replace the makeshift set up. Ideal for installation in the house or garden, these are a sustainable solution to finding space at home.


With a compact 2 footprint, they’re efficient in cost and space, compared to renting office spaces. As workforces grow and needs change, the Micro-Offices can be moved at minimal expense.


Make.Work.Space is a London design start-up creating tech-driven solutions fit for today’s post-pandemic landscape. Founded by furniture designer Walter Craven in 2019, the brand has a design studio in Clerkenwell and a manufacturing facility in North London to create products that enable people to do their best work, rest or catch up on calls.


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