Make.Work.Space work and wellness Micro Office at Techspace

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Techspace, who are trialling one of our next-generation work and wellbeing Micro offices in its contemporary coworking and events spaces. Techspace specialises in flexible, high quality coworking spaces for startups looking to scale, with a network that spans the world’s leading tech hubs.

After a year in development by the Make.Work.Space team and having officially launched at the 2021 London Design Festival, our Micro Offices are now set to revolutionise the way we work and provide an ultra flexible and accessible solution for accommodating changing work requirements. 

Nestled in the heart of London’s creative centre, Techspace’s Shoreditch branch will be home to the Micro Office for the next three months, providing a pocket of quiet and privacy for Members to contemplate, create and connect in. Users can catch up on emails, make calls or simply take a break between meetings. 

The Loading Bay at Techspace where the Micro Office is located


The Micro Office is comprehensively kitted-out with the latest tech to provide users with all that they might need during their visit. There is high speed wifi, video conferencing capabilities, surround sound, a touch screen monitor and temperature and light controls as well as an air filtration system. 

‘What sets them apart is the exceptional acoustics, privacy, connectivity, comfort, and ergonomics, but beyond that, the Micro Offices are developed to create a purposeful space for enhancing human health, productivity and creativity’, said Walter Craven, founder of Make.Work.Space. 

A Techspace member works in peace and privacy in the pod


Ultimately, the Micro Offices will be available across a range of public, private and commercial spaces, from train stations to hotel lobbies and people’s gardens. Elevating the remote and untethered modern work experience and responding to the needs of a flexible, hybrid workforce with thoughtfully curated and accessible spaces.

For enquiries or more information on our workspace and wellbeing Micro Offices, get in touch with the team at